Announcement 1


We know & understand the stress and difficulties many of us are in due to the Covid19 situation.

So JNJ has put in place safety protocols, to protect our customers & ourselves.

During this difficult time please keep a 6' distance between our staff and yourselves, we will have designated and  posted areas that our customers are to stay while we get your orders ready. This is in place regardless of what products your are picking up. Please respect these protocols and help us keep everyone safe as we try to navigate through these unprecedented times.

Our paid plans are still in place and will be practicing social distancing as we move forward in 2020

We thank you all for your understanding and patients 

JNJ Honey

Announcement 2 Update June 10 2020


Hello everyone,

Just an update for nucs. As we are all are aware of how our spring has been so far, with a very cold April and now with extensive rain fall in the southeast Manitoba we are again being pushed back with nuc production. We want to give each and every customer of ours a great experience and exceptional quality, within a timely manner when you come and pick up supplies or bees.

 But with that being said sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that don't allow for us to complete our timely goal. We are working hard to make sure you get your nuc asap. We do apologize for any and all inconveniences.

We value our customers and want to ensure a great experience for everyone. With everything being so late we at JNJ Honey have decided to give a 15% discount coupon for any nuc orders for 2021!

Please ask for your coupon when you come and pick up your nuc.


As of right now we are projecting nucs to be ready for June 15 weather depending.

Check our site regularly to get current updates as the weather progresses.

We thank you all for your understanding and patients 

JNJ Honey

Membership Advantage


-Discount on equipment & supplies
- Upgraded priority listing

- Discount on paid plans
- 1 Free 4 hr on site education and training with our mentor-ship program

- Unlimited Phone & Email support

- More Advantages Coming

Raw Manitoba Honey

Fresh, Local, Raw, All Natural Honey


Quality Manitoba Crafted equipment deigned for beekeepers by beekeepers 

Honey Packages

A special gift for everyone! Mix 'n Match what you want.

Manitoba Honey Bees

Manitoba Winter Hardy Bees! Selected for strong survival rate, honey production & so much more!

Health & Body

Cleansing facial soaps, hand & Body soaps, and smooth nourishing lipbalms

Legacy Queens

Born & Bred in Manitoba to bring you the traits that are important in our region!

Want to start keeping bees?

Whether you are wanting to keep bees for a hobby, want to go big, or just do your part to help the survival of our honeybees, we can help.

With our Free hands on training program you can get a taste for beekeeping and get a start on your journey! 

For R.R.A.A Members Only

Hands On Practical Experience

Learn at your pace, get familiar with bees, and experience the world of bees for FREE! 

Hands on training at our facility. 

In-person & Online Training Program

Want to keep bees? Not sure how to? Where to go? 

We can help you sort through the overwhelming information overload and get you on the road to success!



Need more one on one support?

With hive Checks and Services we give you the education and time that you want to answer questions and guide you through your hives.

Hive Checks & Services

Need Help?

We are here for you if you need some extra assistance in assessing your hives. With tips and training to help you further your success!


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