All of our Queens are Manitoba born and bred. Our queens are easy to work with, Manitoba Hardy, and build abundantly for pollination and honey production. We select and breed our queens for specific traits, such as gentleness, hygienic, winter hardy, and spring build up.​

As an extension of JN’J Honey Shop & Apiary, Legacy Queens has the added benefit to being remotely located in the Southeast corner of Manitoba with access to natural habitats and undisturbed wetlands. There are little to no nearby apiaries therefore, genetics, diseases, and breeding management is easy to control.


Breeding stock is closely monitored throughout the honey season and targeted with spring survival rates. This allows us to tailor specific traits in our Queens.


Drone production hives for Queen insemination are carefully chosen early into the season to ensure the qualities and traits we strive for are in our Queens and her offspring.  

We at Legacy Queens are available and willing to support new beekeepers through the JN'J Mentorship Program via hands-on training, email support, or phone coaching. 


Sundown Manitoba Canada

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