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What is R.R.A.A?

At the Red River Apiarists' Association, we love to help beekeepers. 

We are an active beekeeping club within the province of Manitoba, Canada that promotes honey bee health and all the wonderful products that the honey bee produces.  We are a club of apiarists that is comprised of beginners, experienced, and even the not-yet beekeepers.

Whether you only have a few hives or are a larger operation with many hives, come check us out and consider joining our group.  We are famous for friendly conversation, educational talks, and sociable coffee times.

Regular meetings are held 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday in the months of January, February, March, April, May, September, October, and November.  We gather at the Elmwood Legion Hall, 920 Nairn Ave, Winnipeg MB. 

To contact us, send us an email to -please include RRAA in your subject line.

R.R.A.A & Us

Together with the Red River Apiarist' Association and JNJ Honey Shop & Apiary are working together to inspire and teach people about honey bee's! With that we are also trying to boost the wintering success of beekeepers in general. 

So with partnering up with R.R.A.A we're are giving all members the opportunity to be apart of this initiative!

As well we will be supplying quality wood-ware product start up kits at cost when buying a nuc from JNJ Honey Shop & Apiary to all new beekeepers that are wanting to get into beekeeping. 

All you have to do is sign up for our membership program and show proof of registration with the R.R.A.A

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Other Benefits

Whether you are or are not apart of the R.R.A.A you still get benefits for being apart of our membership!

When you sign up to be a member you get all promotional sale emails, as well you'll receive:   - 5% off of honey & body products

- Free Mentorship Program

- Free education & mentoring

- Phone and email support