Quality locally raised & bred Manitoba nucs and queens. They are bred for the benefit traits that matter to you!

Nuc Traits

As you can see from our pictures, our overwintered hives are strong coming out of a Manitoba winter, with an abundance of bees and feed.


Not only do they come through the winter extremely well, but will provide you with improved vitality, and excellent honey production throughout the season.


Bees are not overly aggressive towards beekeepers.


Breeding colonies are chosen with low mite levels

Winter Hardy

Colonies are strong and abundant in the spring

Rapid Spring Buildup

Once the Queen is stimulated into brood production, hive size and strength grows quickly

Heavy Honey Producers and Strong Pollinators

Bees produced from Queens have proven to have high honey yields and to be effective pollinators throughout the honey season

Selectively Chosen

Breeding stock is carefully monitored throughout the season and selected based on sought after colony-specific traits


Sundown Manitoba Canada

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