Sweet Clover

Honeybee hard at work foraging for honey from a sweet clover plant and in return cross pollinating! The nectar from sweet clover has a full sharp, sweet flavor. Excellent source of honey for your all needs on the table.


Sharp & Sweet 


Golden White


Very good for a sweetener for tea, coffee, or use a table honey!

Canadian Thistle 

Yes thistle doesn't sound to appealing but is one of the greatest honey that you can get and hard to come by. If you are honey off the spoon type of honey eater then this is for you. Perfectly balanced flavor of sweet and smooth.  


Balanced Sweet


Extra White


Perfect for eating right off the spoon, toast or anything else you can think of! Rich in flavor but not over powering. 


Looking for honey with even more health benefits? Look no further. Buckwheat Honey has endless health properties. The primary benefits of buckwheat honey are that it promotes healing in the body, supports immune function, and boosts antioxidants. It’s also great for soothing sore throats and coughs, highly nutritious, higher in certain antioxidants, & rich in vitamins!


Robust & Strong


Dark Amber


Extremely good for the health of  your body & mind. Very nutritious 

Raw & Pure Honey Comb

Have you ever wanted to get as close to eating honey straight from the hive? This is about the closest to it with our Pure Raw Honey Comb!

Flavor & Texture

Sweet with a chewy comb.




Well its as close as your going to get to gum made by nature. Its a sweet delectable treat for all ages. As well it has all the health properties of honey and more.

Busy Bee's

Our Honeybees bringing in natural pollen and nectar to feed there hives in early spring.


Winter Hardy Manitoba




Winter hardy Manitoba honeybees will not only help you grow and expand your apiary, but will provide you with improved vitality, excellent honey production, and greater over wintering successes.

Quality Wood ware

All of our wooded hive products are hand made on site and specially designed for our extreme Manitoba weather.

Style Option 1

JNJ Specialized all Season Equipment

Style Option 2

JNJ standard Equipment


Our specialized equipment is designed for Canada's hard and extreme climates. The designed is tested and proven in our own apiaries and will provide you with improved vitality, and greater over wintering successes. Our standard equipment is of quality materials and fits with both styles of equipment.


Sundown Manitoba Canada

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