Now for you more experianced or eager beekeepers, this nuc is for you! Comes with 4 frames of bee's, brood, eggs, larvae, and 1 frame of feed, with a 1 current year MB queen. Keep in mind this nuc will grow faster and could be subject to swarming if not looked after.  Total for this nuc is $245 ea but the price above is the 45% that is charged to place an order to hold your bees the remaining amount is due upon pick up/delivery. 

5 Frame Spring Nuc

SKU: SN0027
  • We are not responsible for any and or all damages that occur from transport or once picked up.

  • Our nucs are pick up or delivery only and require 45% deposit (non refundable. All of our nucs come in an ez nuc boxes that you can either purchase at the time of pick up or can be returned for a $30.00 deposit. We do not allow other beekeepers equipment on our site due to bio-security. For out of province customers we can meet half way in either direction with in Manitoba for orders over 25 nucs.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Please see map for directions.


Sundown Manitoba Canada

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