If you are worried that your hives did not get enough feed in the fall, well we have an all year round solution just for you! With our all season feeding lid comes with a spacious top compartment to add a sugar patties into it just before you wrap up your hives. Equipped with 5 access point for the bees to access the feed in the winter with out having to break cluster. Need to feed your hive in the spring, well think no further the our lid cause all you have to do is add a spring sugar patty in it with out even opening the entire lid. Just crack the black top and place your patty into the lid and place the black top back on top and away you go with out the bees even being disturbed. With the black top it absorbs the heat from the sun and keeps your hive warm during the cold spring nights.

B.I.E All Season Feed Lid

SKU: FL0005
  • Our wooden ware and equipment are made here in Manitoba and we start with wooden ware production once the hives are tucked away for winter. All equipment, tools, and misc equipment have a 2 week lead time for pickup or shipping. The 2 week lead time starts after wooden ware production starts on November 15th. 


Sundown Manitoba Canada

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