All of our wooded hive products are hand made on site and specially designed for our extreme Manitoba weather.


JNJ Specialized All Season Hive Starter Kit

  • 2 JNJ all season supers   
  • 1 JNJ all season brood box                              
  • 1 JNJ Specialized lid with 1” feeder hole                                  
  • 1 JNJ all season insulated bottom board                                 
  • 1 entrance feeder                                                                     
  • 27 wooded frames with wax coated foundation                       
  • 1 JNJ steel entrance & transport reducer                                 
  • 1 Smoker                                                                                 
  • 1 hive tool                                                                                
  • 1 education book on beekeeping (beekeeping in Western Canada)
  • 1 Veil

Everything you need to get started in beekeeping and a better chance at success!


B.I.E All Season Beekeeping Starter Kits

Hive Kits
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Sundown Manitoba Canada

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